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Giovanni Mion has been working with youth for more than a decade. He was a counselor at the Senior High Camp at Dunkirk Camp and Conference Center for ten years. Dunkirk Camp and Conference Center is one of the largest Christian youth and family camps in New York State. He was elected to the Board of Directors for the last two of those years. He also coached wrestling at the middle and high school levels for eight years. Through his unique life experiences and the processes he outlines in his book, he has been able to guide all of the youth he mentored to push past their self-imposed limits and achieve great success in athletics, the classroom and in their community. 

Giovanni also founded the Be A Superhero Project and podcast. With this, he has uncovered everyday Superheroes from across the country and shared their stories in hopes to inspire others. He has also volunteered and helped raise money for several non-profits through the project as well.  

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